“Delightfully outlandish yet never inaccessible, this pan-global cocktail is a true treat for the adventurous ear.”

—TimeOut NY

“Bombay Rickey doesn’t just break genre boundaries but jumps up and down on those boundaries and dances with wild abandon on the remains… Brazen, cheeky and just downright spunky Cinefonia is clever and shrewdly innovative.”

—World Music Central

“Bombay Rickey is a conglomeration of references, each itself notable for its voracious and omnivorous appetite in appropriating and assimilating all that is sparkly, eye-catching, and curious…Each member brings their own talents and interests to the ensemble. Sankaram is the brilliant singer/arranger/accordionist of astonishing versatility and virtuosity. Hudgins gets inside the groove and commits himself entirely to the sense of the song, blending and melding his sound effortlessly to suit the mood. Fleming, in contrast, creates mood with his pointed interjections and solos. Smuskowitz provides assertive support, and Quigley masters complex patterns, often overlapping very disparate riffs and schemes with apparent ease.”



“…the band blends surf music, psychedelic cumbias, Bollywood and southwestern gothic into a lusciously tuneful, darkly bristling mix…This might not just be the best debut album of the year: it might be the best album of 2014, period.”

—New York Music Daily

Bombay Rickey is “…an example of the best kind of results a band can get blending literally dozens of styles from around the world, including ideas from American rock spun through the prism of other cultures who transformed them and then blew them back at us…Folks, this is the future of music: every style, from every spot on the world is fair game. Bombay Rickey just happens to have more of those flavors in their fingers than just about anybody else.”

—New York Music Daily